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Check out these fun & informative Art Classes at Hawaiian Graphics! There are currently two different painting classes offered for beginners to intermediate level students in either oil or watercolors. Please contact the instructors directly for more information or to register.
Landscape painting of ocean

Painting Island Scenes Using the Palette Knife 

with George Eguchi 
Thursdays, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm $150.00 for 4 consecutive classes. To reserve your space or for more information about private lessons/workshops, please call (808) 398-8178 or email

About the Class:
Learn how to paint landscapes and seascapes with the palette knife using oils on canvas.  Topics to be covered include: knife strokes, composition, natural color mixing, value and chroma. Learning these basic concepts will help you add depth to your paintings, establish a focus and create drama by using highlights and shadows.  This class is open to anyone who enjoys painting and wants to expand their abilities!

About the Instructor:
I paint with a single palette knife using oils on canvas.  I have always been drawn to the creative process... coming up with something new that captures a thought, a feeling or a fleeting image in my mind.  Painting for me is like a meditation.  You have to be fully in the moment and what I love is how the creative process so often produces delightful surprises for me.  With a palette knife, a stroke of the knife or a subtle change in pressure will mix and lay the colors on my canvas with unexpected results. 
Creating beauty is truly rewarding.  Colors speak to me and I love the contrasts of bold strokes of the knife shrouded by an ethereal mist.  I want my paintings to convey a certain mood or feeling while at the same time leaving room to be filled by the imagination of the viewer.
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Watercolor Classes

with Patrice Federspiel
Mondays, 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm,  $180.00 6 week session
Wonders of Watercolor
Next session date: January 2018 start (TBA)
Call Patrice: (808) 392-9104

About the Class:
In this six-session class, you will have fun while learning the properties of color and color mixing needed to create bright, luminous paintings. Patrice will teach the Hide-N-Seek painting technique of using texture to create under-paintings that she uses to create her paintings. You will learn the art of negative painting to find your subject matter hiding amid the background. This includes painting where the subject is not, as well as softening edges, and providing contrast. This process works for all genres. Best of all you will learn to see the world through the eyes of an artist, and to ask questions that will help you to unlock the messages within your paintings. Be amazed by the vistas opening up before you and within you.

About the Instructor:
Full-time, professional artist, Patrice A Federspiel received a BS in Art Education at the University of WI/Madison. Her teaching career began when she moved to Honolulu in 2000. Watercolor mirrors Patrice’s passion for movement, growth, self-discovery, and change. A signature member, past-president, and trustee of the Hawai`i Watercolor Society, Patrice shows her art in exhibits across the country, often winning awards. Her work can be found in many galleries throughout the Hawaiian Islands and at 
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Call today to learn more! 808-973-7171

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